zondag 15 juli 2007

Early Visual Media : a history of visual media

Description "Early visual media: a history of visual media" is an unconventional website dealing with early visual media archeology, pre-cinema , photography , fairground arts, etc.

Much of the site is concerned with the history of optical illusion and special effects prior to the twentieth century, but does also include the history of television. Early Visual Media is as a contemporary 'raree-show'. It consists of various galleries of weird and wonderful inventions and images, mostly from Western Europe.

All subjects can be discussed via the Media Archeology GOOGLE group after (free) registration.

The six main sections, all of which are well illustrated, cover photography, pre-cinema, early film, television, the 'conjuring arts', and the 'Grande Danse Macabre'.

The photography section looks at stereoscopic images, diableries, ghost images, stereoviewers, and fairground and vaudeville entertainments.

The pre-cinema section looks at many of the technologies used to create optical illusions before the advent of modern film. These include various phantasmagoria devices, optical toys, the Phenakistiscope, the Choreutoscope, and anamorphoses techniques.

The website also features a links section, and pages alerting users to forthcoming publications, lectures and gallery exhibitions.

Comments on the website & group can be left in the current Blog.

The Website, Group & Blog should prove of interest both to the general public and to students approaching the lesser-known facets of European visual culture and technology.